We all face our own obstacles each and every day. How we deal with these complications and our attitude during these tough times define who we really are. Some people confuse positivity and ignorance, whereas positivity is having an optimistic attitude rather than ignoring the real facts throughout life. A positive-minded soul would keep their spirits high throughout undeniably distressing times. Below are the 5 simple things positive people say every day. You could even follow these to keep yourself contented and enthusiastic throughout the harsh life.

  1. “Hello”
    Before showing your grumpy face because your day is going as the worst so far, think about others too. Their life could be more miserable than your ONE worse day. Greeting strangers with a genuine smile and a simple “hello”, would bring a delightful pleasure to you as well as to the other being. This is one simple thing among the 5 simple things positive people say every day. The confident people boost themselves during hurdles by lifting up others as well.
  2. "How are you?"
    Being socializing would build the self-confidence in a person. Hence, you can make your day by simply asking someone how they are, be it your colleague or a stranger you met on the street. This unplanned conversations would make others feel appreciated and cared. Thus, a troubled person might even get the strength to face and overcome all the awful situations by seeing a person being jolly.
  3. "Sounds Great"
    Another easy thing from 5 simple things a positive people say every day is, “Sounds great!” The confident souls would never criticize other people’s opinions or something they are excited about, since, all situations or ideas have it’s pros and cons. Instead, they would try to see the potential and the advantages in someone’s actions or their decisions and be supportive.Rather than being positive just themselves, they make others feel great too.
  4. "I'd love to"
    Positive people give things a give and go rather than running away from the opportunities. They are always ready to take the adrenaline adventures and have as much as experience as possible. Saying ‘no’ is not in their vocabulary.
  5. "Thank you"
    Sanguine people always say “thank you” as a token of appreciation for even the simplest things others do for them, be it opening the door of a shop while they enter. Saying “thank you” brings a smile on others face as well, since their good deed is identified by other.As these small doings are admired by someone else, it encourages them to do more.


    It is a significant role of every one to live their lives with the most positive people if they want to be jocular. Cutting out the negativity from their life should be seen as their own responsibility since negative people would only bring you down. Having someone positive is surely a blessing for each and every one

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