Pest Control Service At Hulhumale Hotline: 955 2002 - Cbeyond


Pest Control Service At Hulhumale Hotline: 955 2002 - Cbeyond

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Beyond Pest Solution  is The Solution  to all your pest problem

We are a professional Pest Control  Company with a quality  and professional .When it comes to control, we believe that prevention is always better than cure. Our service includes a free, no obligation site survey, which allows us to inspect your pest problems and provide a recommendation that will keep your building pest-free, while maintaining highest standards of health and safety and causing the minimum possible disruption to your daily business activities.

Giving treatments for

1-Male city 

2- Hulhumale city

3- Male villingili

Treatments for:

1- Apartment

2- business place 

3- cafe and restaurant 

4- go down 

5- safari and boats 

Pests Solutions for:

1- Ant treatment

2- termite treatment

3- cockroach treatment 

4- ret treatment

5- fliers treatment 

6- fungus treatment 

for more info please contact as at

Hotline: 955 2002 


Email : 

           [email protected]

On : 10-Jul-2017 | Updated : 10-Jul-2017 |
Location : , Male City/HulhuMale


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