Construction, Renovation, Finishing Works And Painting Hotline:9695352


Construction, Renovation, Finishing Works And Painting Hotline:9695352

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Category Repairs, Maintenance & Household Work
Condition Not Applicable
Location Male, Male City, Maldives



What type of service are you looking for?

We can finish any building up to the smallest to the key – Construction, Modelling, Renovation and Finishing Works
Finishing works:
Proparty Maintenance Service
Plastering and puttying
Plastering and decorative plasterwork, mosaic and decorative mosaics
Laying of faience, terracotta, fine stoneware tiles, slabs from natural stone or wood
Parquet and wooden flooring
Setting of floorings from natural wooden material
Installation of bathtubs, sanitary equipment, boilers, etc.
Suspended ceilings (Installation of suspended ceilings)
Installation of plasterboard
Decorative interior lighting
Installation of decorative lighting, plafonds, chandeliers and ceiling spotlights.
Window joinery, doors, railings
Installation of railings, window joinery, outdoor / exterior doors, indoor / interior doors
Paint and painting services
Coloring of paints, coating and other painting services
Internal and external facing and paneling and paneling with natural stone, wood, slabs, decorative brick, decorative glass, stained glass, etalbond
Window frames Fitting of wooden, aluminum and PVC window frames. Fitting sliding frames and joinery
Building of fences – dense fences, tracer fences and combined fences. Construction of fences from different materials
Carpentry services

- installation and maintenance of parquet flooring
- building of wooden staircases 
- wooden window frames 
- wooden interior doors
- wooden front doors
- wooden gates
- natural wood furniture 
- wooden roofs 
- wooden shelters and sunshades
- other wooden shelter constructions
- internal wood paneling
- external wood paneling 
- indoor wooden flooring
- outdoor wooden flooring
- wooden decking
- wooden access ramps 
- wooden window louvers
- wooden window shutters
- wooden blinds
- wooden fences
- wooden railings
- wooden banisters
- wooden houses and villas
- and many more
for mor info please contact our
hotline: 9695352 or
​Email us at [email protected]

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